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This is a list of some helpful tips and tricks for Feel free to add your own to this list!

  • Upgrading a level three ship makes it hard to beat because of its overall strength, speed and size
  • Upgrading a ship will cut into your crystal reserve, but will help you survive an attack or mine better.
  • Upgrading all of your ships abilities will make it stronger than an un-upgraded ship of the next tier.
  • If you are getting attacked and don't think you can survive, press the upgrade keys quickly to avoid losing gems.
  • At the 3rd tier ship for U-Sniper or X-Warrior, max your ammo regen, your ammo will be almost infinite!
  • If you are being attacked by a ship or attacked one save your gems, so before you lose your shield change to the next tier ship to max your shield.
  • If you're being attacked and almost dead upgrade your ship if you don't have enough to evolve.
  • Gems act as health after your shield is down!
  • When in battle as a weaker ship, try boosting around the ship you are fighting and fire at the same time so you don't get hit as much!

If you have enough gems to evolve, but you want to stay at that level, you can either upgrade your life or upgrade your ship.

  • If you attack and kill your killer then you get extra revenge points
  • if you are getting attacked by a ship thats faster then yours try doing zig zags it will be much more difficult for your opponent
  • If you attack someone is mining an asteroid, crash behind, so they crash into the asteroid and do some extra damage from both you and the asteroid. make sure you have enough shield to handle both the crash and the ship your fighting weapons.
  • When attacking a ship that is faster, but weaker then you and is escaping, try to do enough damage so it loses some gems for you to collect.
  • avoid attacking ships that are 2 tires behind you, unless actively trying to kill you.