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An asteroid is a destructible entity found in all five game modes of Starblast in some form or another. There are currently two different types of asteroids in the game. Invasion mode has a type of asteroid that is bound to the physics engine and can be moved around freely, while the remaining four game modes' asteroids are static and can only be broken. The main function of asteroids in most modes is to either create an obstruction or provide gems when broken. In certain modes in the past, asteroids have been known to occasionally drop secondary weapons, mainly mining pods.

Notes[edit | edit source]

- Asteroids do do damage to a ship if they are run into, how much depends on how fast the ship is traveling, its density, size, etc.

- Tightly packed asteroids can be deadly for smaller ships

- Asteroids commonly are grouped together to form long lines of them or just fields, use this to your advantage when flying around and fighting

- An amazing strategy for high mass ships is to ram smaller ships into asteroids, as this will do massive damage. This is especially effective in Deathmatch mode.

- The amount of gems recieved depends on the yield of the asteroids. Yield is set to a default for most modes, but can be edited in custom games

- In custom games, the amount of asteroids can be changed, but you can not create a mode with no asteroids.

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