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I found out that Centurion was overpowered and excelled in pummeling.

The Centurion was already a truck because it's fire rate.It can easily defeat

four out of five tier 7's.

Tip 1:Don't fight groups of tier 6 or tier 7 ships unless you have 1 Prometheus

or more to back you up,and you are fully upgraded with defense or attack pods.

Tip 2:When fighting tier 7's,DO NOT let them be in the open.Their shield will

quickly regenerate and you will be severely overpowered.Instead,force them into

the alien city.The aliens will make sure that your enemy won't be able to regenerate

his/her shield.

Tip 3:Use RCS whenever you are fighting another player.You can use your advantage

of pummeling to spin your enemy every time you hit.Your double pulses will knock almost

all of your enemy's shield and the single pulses will finish your enemy off.