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This is a list of Changelogs for, directly quoted from Changelog.


  • Week test: speed boost +20% in team, survival modes (and derived mods).


  • Happy new year!
  • Fixed Fullscreen mode on FireFox
  • Fixed cases of duplicate fresh games 
  • Modding space now features only one mod per day


  • Major update of Alien Intrusion mod


  • Week test: Removed aliens from team mode
  • (previous week test validated and retained)


  • Week Test: asteroids gem yield x1.5 in team mode


  • Adjusted mines arming delay to 2 seconds (normal) and 4 seconds (heavy)
  • Mines packs prices cut by 50%
  • Station now self-destroys when both deposits and spawnings are all destroyed


  • Mines now have an arming delay (normal: 3 seconds, heavy: 5 seconds)
  • Widened mines viewing range (prevents hitting unseen mines)
  • Station is destroyed (and team loses) when all depot modules are fully destroyed
  • You cannot pick up gems anymore when your crystal cargo is already full
  • Attack pods do not fire when ship is invulnerable
  • Attack pods do not fire when inside the depot
  • Reduced kill gem bonus (-50%)
  • Team closing condition now factors player's skill in


  • Nerfed Lv4 aliens waves in team mode


  • Fixed ship branching problem (impacting mods and U-Series)
  • Reduced the number of aliens in team mode


 * Team mode changes:
   - tier 1 ship now has limited lives (4)
   - Number of lives generally set to 4
   - Alien waves will attack the leading team periodically


  • New ECP badge: Medic (designed by Ancient Sky)
  • Updated boucing lasers mechanics (wider range, bounce speed decreases)
  • Modding Alpha 6
 - add objects with physics
 - set asteroid coordinates, velocity and size
 - destroy asteroid
 - destroy alien
 - destroy ship
 - read and set ship healing status


  • Week Test: Bouncing lasers (survival mode)


  • Modding Alpha 5
 - insert custom 3D objects in your scenery
  • Vanguard: fixed lasers spawning position


  • Modding Alpha 3
 - Create custom maps of asteroids: use this to create mazes, racing paths, any pattern of fixed asteroids in fact...
 - allow choosing a starting ship when joining a game (like in battle royale and DM)
 - spawn collectible weapons in the playfield
 - trigger intermission screen (respawn) with customized results
 - trigger game over screen with customized results
 - change selected ship type anytime


  • Balance update:
 - Shadow X-1: widened viewing field
 - Pulse Fighter: Max speed -5, acceleration -10, laser speed -25
 - Y-Def: Power regen -5
 - Vanguard: recoil -15, rotation min +10, acceleration +10
 - Mercury: now smaller, acceleration +10, speed +5


  • Modding Alpha 2


  • Battle Royale now includes a warm-up time


  • Modding system Alpha 1


  • Week test: overhauled ship tree!
  • Vanguard acceleration buff
  • Shadow X-1: agility buff


  • Starblast application now available for iPhone and iPad!
  • New "Training" tutorial mode. Available in English only for now. Switch to English language if you would like to try it.


  • Fixed audio not starting on Chrome 66


  • We kept the kill reward system (last week test) but nerfed it quite a lot. T1 and T2 ships now give no gems. Higher tier ships give less gems.
  • Secondaries cooldown is now global to a weapon type ; thus you cannot fire 2 missiles simultaneously even when you have two packs of missiles.


  • Week Test: Kill reward! Killing a ship is now rewarded with a certain amount of gems depending on the level and upgrades of the killed ship (survival and team)
  • Battle Royale change: When you collect Power cells and Shield cells, they now take a slot in your inventory until you actually use them (in 2 shots of 100 points)
  • Added specific visual helpers for BR mode in the mobile app
  • Kill attribution improved, to avoid kill stealing with a single low damage shot or collision. The ship dealing the most damage in the last moments gets the kill.


  • Team mode: You can enter the depot in all cases. Previous restrictions on crystals or credits was perceived as a bug and wasn't useful
  • Survival mode: you can open the weapon store in all cases. Previous restrictions (especially max shield) was often perceived as a bug.


  • Mobile app: fixed game freezing after entering survival time
  • Mobile app: fixed radar plots colors in team mode


  • Android app is now officially released! We will keep improving it, feedback appreciated :)
  • Week Test: Survival maps are much larger and accept 50 players. The radar shows only 1/16th of the map.


  • Week test: In survival mode, broken asteroids can release attack pods which can be collected.
  • Fixed skull icon not showing on mobile


  • Renewed icons in anticipation of the mobile app (to be continued)
  • Improved ship model quads rendering


  • Improved explosion effect and reduced load on GPU
  • Fixed stations disappearing from radar when radar plots count exceeds 100
  • Fixed X-Warrior agility which had been mistakenly altered after introducing the Vanguard
  • Started introducing our new set of refined icons (by Tournebulle) :)


  • New ship: The Vanguard


  • New custom game options: ship shield regen and power regen factors
  • Weapons balance changes:
 - Rockets: cheaper
 - Missiles: slightly cheaper, take 1 second to arm after being shot
 - Torpedoes: cheaper, now take 2 seconds to arm after being shot
 - Defence pods: removed regen
 - Attack pods: shots are now a bit slower
  • Battle Royale: now recording victories (for future use)
  • All modes: disconnected ship explodes, gives away crystals and credits kill to attacker (previously was only in team mode)
  • Team mode: you can now safely disconnect while docked ; you won't lose a life and will also keep your weapons when you recover your ship.
  • Disposed weapons are now partially refunded, on pro rata for wear and tear, up to 50% of their new value
  • Healing features now activated in team mode (with healing efficiency lowered to 100% from previous 125%)


  • Healing in custom team games ; switch ship lasers operation from offensive to healing (in weapon store)
  • New custom games parameter: station shield regeneration
  • Improved radar readability in high contrast mode (colorblind)
  • Station modules now darken when loosing health
  • Fixed bug: Battle Royale custom games were removed by mistake


  • weakened Barracuda when used against teammates (anti Barracuda-trolling)
  • Fixed survival mode text cutting


  • Fixed FPS drop in Linux app (was due to screenshot feature, now deactivated by default)
  • Fixed several potential game hacks
  • Gamepad support can be disabled in standalone app
  • Optimized Crystal models generation (less stress on low-end setups)


  • Gem stealing countermeasure: removed from survival mode, restricted conditions (ownership delay)
  • Improved survival game closing condition to ensure newcomers join fresher games.


  • Gem stealing countermeasure side-effect bugs fixed


  • Gem stealing countermeasure


  • Fixed frozen ship when killed while donating gems (survival)
  • Being damaged while donating gems now automatically closes the weapons store
  • Nerfed defense pods (shield capacity reduced from 200 to 150)


  • Added blank ECP badge
  • Week-end sale: -50% on rockets and missiles!
  • Battle Royale: self target display
  • Battle Royale: adjusted occurrence of weapons


  • Fixed display bug in app after closing settings window
  • Fixed check boxes not always reloading last setting in custom games creator
  • Ping time evaluation method changed
  • Server side optimizations for upcoming ACW event
  • Fixed bug with custom game creation button


  • Added parameter Station crystal capacity multiplier for custom games
  • Added parameter Station repair threshold for custom games
  • Added parameter to switch off limited lifespan of mines
  • Balance: slight buff to Delta-Fighter and Trident
  • removed ECP badges from team chooser screen to prevent ECP stacking
  • Station modules now bleed crystals when attacked, even if shield is not fully depleted
  • Prepared for future deprecated features in Web Audio API


  • Improved invasion mode rankings (now shows number of victories)
  • Standalone application update

- Support for Windows 32bits - Windowed / Fullscreen toggle (Alt+Enter)


  • Battle Royale custom games


  • New: invasion mode leaderboard!
  • Repulsive field improved (survival mode)
  • changed condition for closing team mode games (time>15 min)


  • Increased radar range in invasion mode.


  • Fixed problem with explosion sounds
  • Fixed bug with music volume in invasion mode
  • Fixed RCS button bug on touch screens
  • Added possibility to start invasion mode private games
  • A bit more crystals and weapons in invasion waves 1 and 2
  • Fixed countdown display in invasion mode wave zero
  • Added volume sliders for music and sound fx in game settings


  • Invasion mode balance improvements
  • Improved radar in invasion mode
  • Fixed friendly collisions (all team modes)


  • Invasion mode balance update


  • New mode: Invasion (ECP/Steam/ exclusive)
  • Standalone game application available on Steam and


  • We are now using secure websockets (WSS). If the game does not start, refresh the page / clear cache
  • And there we are, the game page is now fully HTTPS


  • Fixed problems with camera shake effect
  • added health bar for pods


  • Removed hack allowing to transfer gems to credits outside dock / outside weapons store
  • fixed problems with the Cursor
  • restored a player contribution notice in team mode
  • now taking ship mass into account when rocket or mine blasts. Big ships take much less pushback
  • fixed mines not always showing in the correct color
  • fixed possibility of spawning in a mine field
  • now allowing to shoot secondary weapons on touchscreens / mobiles


  • New Secondary Weapons system: 3 kind of Pods, Rockets, Missiles, Mines

- in Team mode, Weapon Store opens when docking to a depot bay - in Survival mode, use "$" key to open Weapon Store, convert crystals to credits and buy weapons


  • Team mode: increased station upgrade cost
  • Pro Deathmatch points revision
  • Pro Deathmatch joining improved to favor ECP grouping
  • Balance update:
- Crusader: small buffs: generator, ship rotation, laser speed
- Bastion: nerfed generator capacity, nerfed acceleration
- Aries: buffed generator capacity and ship rotation


  • Laser pods tweaks:
 - Laser pods are 3x rarer in survival mode
 - Laser pods now cost 100 gems in team mode
 - Laser pods have now more health points
 - Killed ships lose their laser pods ; the pods can be collected by the killer or other players
  • In Team mode, T7 ships cannot buy lives


  • Laser pods!

This is the first step in introducing a secondary weapon system to Starblast. There is more to come! Laser pods follow you and shoot lasers ; they will also aim at your closest enemy automatically In survival mode, Laser pods pop from time to time when breaking asteroids. In team mode, you will earn 1 new laserpod every 50 gems you contribute to your station. You can only load 1 pod on a tier 1 ship, 2 on a tier 2 etc. Laser pods can be shot and destroyed ; they have 30 shield points, their shield does not regenerate


  • Fixed repulsive gravitational field origin on tiny maps
  • Strengthened and broadened repulsive gravitational field (making the final area smaller)
  • Added setting to disable gravity field visual effects
  • Repulsive gravity field is now displayed on radar
  • cooling time is now taken into account for pulse reload cue (fixes Aries)


  • Changed survival mode: when survival mode starts, main star generates a repulsion gravity field, which causes the play area to shrink.
  • Reduced teammate collision damage
  • Fixed ghost explosions / RIP messages
  • Enhanced and optimized deep space textures


  • New T-5 Ship: The FuryStar (initial idea of Starblast-Gpolic)
  • New random names from Babylon 5 for anonymous users
  • Added lasers convergence on the Aetos
  • Reduced generator capacity of the Bastion
  • updated translations (thanks to all contributors)


  • New T-7 Ship: The Bastion (initial design by mrkleinem)
  • 5 seconds invulnerability after exiting gem depot
  • Visual and audio cue when generator refills to main pulse value
  • improved explosion particles pre-emption


  • Raised teams size from 15 to 20


  • Added new language: Farsi
  • Team game are now closed for joining when all teams have reached level 4
  • It is now always possible to join a team, you should never see all teams locked


  • Pro Deathmatch points decay
  • RCS now active in all modes
  • New option to disable button clicks


  • Fixed scoring conditions when players abandon round in Pro Deathmatch


  • You can now resume a team game with the same ship after disconnecting from the game (in preparation for upcoming Battle for Alpha Centauri)
  • New language: Korean


  • Added language: Hebrew
  • Added High Contrast option for color blind people


  • Added language: Thai


  • Pro Deathmatch games are now played by anyone. Only ECP players will be ranked.


  • Pro Deathmatch Championship is live!


  • Making room for some new stuff
  • Removed Barracuda-only rounds
  • Deathmatch new scoring: target=2, win round at 12
  • fixed unending team mode
  • updated to THREE.js version 85
  • enhanced background textures
  • added new language Azeri


  • Deathmatch fixes:
- replace target when target disconnects
- weaker ships less likely to be selected as targets
- removed chat
  • Survival mode:
- endgame: after 10 minutes survival, radiation make you lose HP
- asteroids now give more gems (+35%)
- survival now kicks in after 60 minutes
  • Weekly balance update

(thanks to the community feedback and compilation/review by Oh_ and Acarii)

- Fly: tiny base speed buff
- Side-Fighter: Shield regen and energy buff
- Mercury: laser damage buff
- Shadow X-2: Shield regen nerf, energy buff
- Toscain: Buffs: shield, energy, laser damage
- Scorpion: energy and laser rate nerfs, laser speed buff
- H-Mercury: reduced mass, speed/acceleration buff, laser tweaks
- Aries: laser rate buff


  • Deathmatch reloaded (anti-teaming):
- each player has a (randomly) assigned target
- kill your target to earn 3 points
- kill anyone to earn 1 point
- score 15 points to win the round


  • Deathmatch anonymized to prevent teaming
  • Fixed error trace when unloading crystals


  • New Mode: Deathmatch
- Rounds start with a choice of 2 maxed ships of same level
- RCS toggle is enabled (flight assist on/off)
- First player to kill 10 ships wins the round
- Asteroids map changes with new round
- Asteroids are strong and do not deliver gems
- Good luck Commander!
  • Fixed video ads problems
  • Bug fixes


  • Anti team-trolling reworked: any ship takes damage when purposely hitting team mate


  • Barracuda takes damage when hitting team mates
  • Team mode endmatch: ships self destroy when their station is fully destroyed
  • Custom Games: New asteroids map chooser and preview!


  • Fixed crystals going through the screen at speed of light
  • Fixed ghost ships flashes
  • Fixed being killed and staying in limbo forever
  • New Custom Game option: global ship speed modifier!
  • Now allowing smaller systems in Custom Games
  • Translations update


  • Added Twitch badge


  • Improved UI textures sharpness


  • Fixed Barracuda double-dash
  • Barracuda: damage upgrades dash speed burst ; bullet speed upgrades dash cruise speed
  • Weekly balance update, thanks to community feedback and @Oh_ input data:
- Shadow X-1: power and agility buff
- Mercury: damage buff
- U-Sniper: bullet speed nerf
- Shadow X-2: Shield and energy regen buff
- Advanced-Fighter: Bullet speed nerf
- Scorpion: Energy and bullet speed nerf
- Condor: Balance changes including buffs and nerfs
- A-Speedster: Slight overall buff
- Rock-Tower: max bullet speed nerf
- Barracuda: mass buff, energy nerf
- Odyssey/Aries/Shadow X-3 have been slightly buffed in speed and agility


  • Barracuda V2! Fully reworked with dash speed
  • Damage rules changed to avoid Barracuda trolling in team mode


  • improved radar readability
  • new Custom Game experimental features: RCS (Flight assist) toggle , Friction parameter


  • Improved team joining condition. If one team dominates, you can join either of the 2 other teams.


  • Added information message about players contributing gems to their team
  • Added health bar to station modules when attacked
  • Fixed problem with button "Join my custom game"
  • Fixed: Spec upgrades interfered with fire rate, allowing shooting faster


  • 10 seconds invulnerability on respawn (team mode)
  • auto-switch to fullscreen now strictly on mobile
  • fixed some glitches when screen FPS exceed 60
  • fixed shield / generator bar sometimes not updating
  • ECP custom game creator now accessible from main Play button
  • secret future new features put to test :)


  • Fixed bug: losing multiple lives when killed once
  • New rule: in team mode, ship tier 7 unlocks only when station crystal tank is full
  • New rule: Tier 7 ships come with 0 extra life in team mode
  • Displaying messages when ship upgrades are blocked by station level
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now displayed on tablets and touchscreens


  • Fixed asteroid strength parameter rounding in custom games


  • Fixed ship-station collisions and friend ships collisions
  • ECP Custom Game Creator (beta)


  • fixed bug with ad blockers
  • added new ECP badges
  • balance: reduced stations shield capacity a bit
  • balance: reduced station repair threshold to 25% crystal capacity
  • balance: nerfed Shadow X-3 acceleration and power regen
  • fixed radar plots in team mode
  • fixed chat bubble color
  • raised chat icons auto-close delay
  • Improved station attack alerts
  • prepared an awesome new feature for ECP users


  • improved server finder strategy (again)
  • added Swedish language
  • added cookie consent
  • optimized loading time

2017-04-18 Team mode improvements

  • Ship upgrades are now restricted to exact depot/spawning level
  • Slight improve to spawning
  • fixed ship not showing in scoreboard
  • raised team max capacity to 15
  • Abandoned space station self-destroys
  • neutralized mass impact on friendly Collisions
  • module repair gauge
  • raised global asteroids density (all modes)
  • unloading crystals gives score points
  • fixed Station under attack alert


  • Balance changes: reduced stations shield again, crystal drop rate x1.5 in team mode
  • improved server finder conditions


  • Balance changes: reduced stations shield and crystal tank capacity


  • Identified and fixed 3 server crash cases


  • New game mode: the team mode!
- You start every game by choosing a team
- Each team has a space station to defend
- Each space station in game has 3 types of modules
  + Structure modules
  + Spawning modules, a little tougher
  + Crystal deposit modules, toughter
- Each space station can be filled with crystal
- An half filled station repairs randomly a destroyed module
- A full filled station levels up your station
  + A bigger level station is bigger and tougher
  + A bigger level station can take crystals from bigger ships
  + A bigger level station can respawn bigger ships
- When all spawning modules are destroyed, the team ships respawn randomly on the map
- When all deposit modules are destroyed, the team can repair or level up the station anymore
- When the whole station is destroyed, the team members can't respawn anymore
- When the station and all team ships are destroyed, the team is game over!


  • New Ship! The Barracuda, level 6. Prepare for a very special fighting style.
  • Added new languages: Arabic, Danish, improved Chinese
  • Ships texturing improvements
  • Improved double-lasers
  • Improved UI, scoreboard etc.
  • A secret tremendous upcoming feature is put to test


  • Added Italian language
  • Reduced O-defender max shield capacity
  • Improved H-Mercury shield, mass, and fire regeneration
  • Gamepad control! (experimental): on Chrome, open chrome://flags and enable Gamepad API


  • New lv6 ship, H-Mercury
  • Added Dutch language
  • Completed other translations
  • Switched lv6 Condor & A-speedster place
  • Increased Aetos generator regen speed
  • Increased Shadow X-2 generator regen speed
  • Decreased Pulse-Fighter agility


  • New lv4 ship, Mercury
  • Added Indonesian language
  • Completed other translations
  • Decreased O-Defender agility
  • Decreased O-Defender fire speed
  • New ECP badges: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Soloist Defence Force


  • Added Turkish language
  • Added Czech language
  • Added Slovak language
  • Raised asteroids average density and size
  • Fixed bug: some crystals could not be collected
  • Increased T-Warrior max generator reload speed
  • Increased Aetos fire power


  • New delay of 5 seconds before you can respawn
  • You can now chat during the 5 seconds delay
  • Level 1 ship loses upgrades when killed
  • New particle effects on laser collisions
  • New shield visual fx
  • Big explosions shake camera
  • Added German localization
  • ECP badge customization
  • ECP ship material and lasers customization
  • ECP players start will fully upgraded level 1 ship (same benefit as sharing game through Facebook and Twitter buttons)
  • Increased X-Warrior damages on central lasers
  • Decreased X-Warrior damages on side lasers
  • Increased mass/shield of Shadow X-3
  • Decreased acceleration of Shadow X-3


  • New level 7 Ship: Shadow X-3
  • Decreased Shadow X-2 fire power
  • Decreased shield capacity of lv7 ships
  • Added Japanese localization
  • New Australia zone to reduce ping for Australian and New Zealander players


  • New level 5 Ship: Shadow X-2
  • Improved homepage and respawn page design
  • Prepared UI for new game modes
  • Shadow X-1 moved to level 3
  • Increased Shadow X-1 max agility
  • Decreased Shadow X-1 max generator refill
  • Decreased Y-Defender laser speed
  • Decreased Pioneer max speed
  • Decreased Bat-Defender mass
  • Decreased Advanced Fighter mass
  • Increased Odyssey and Aries cannon speed and range


  • Added Spanish localization
  • Optimised lasers display
  • Heavy ships are now less affected by laser pushback
  • Crystals thrown farther away from big ships when hit


  • Added new tier: level 7
  • Type [Z] ingame to take a screenshot
  • Increased shadow X-1 max agility
  • Fixed visual glitch for big lasers


  • Added new lv4 ship: shadow X-1
  • fixed glitches that can be caused by ads
  • changelog now displayed in its own modal
  • Added Hungarian localization


  • In survival mode, stellar radiation now starts harming shield regen rate. After 15 minutes, shield regen is completely down.


  • completed Russian localization
  • fixed algorithm for finding best server to play in

2016-12-13 Balance changes

  • fly: reduced max agility
  • y-defender: reduced speed and agility, increased recoil
  • x-warrior: increased max damage
  • u-sniper: increased min agility
  • a-speedster: increased acceleration

Improvements and fixes

  • fixed respawn button display issue when killed
  • Added talk vocabulary: No prob, Follow me, GG, Bye
  • Fixed bug: laser sounds still playing when sound FX deactivated
  • Use [C] once and talk button is no more mouse sensitive
  • Ship upgrades now always pop up until you used manual toggle [U]


  • Added ship upgrade buttons toggle with keyboard shortcut [U]


  • fixed visual bug with crystals
  • talk keyboard shortcuts can now be used directly
  • couple server side fixes

Balance adjustments

  • fly: reduced max damage
  • side-fighter: reduced max generator reload speed
  • y-defender: decreased ship agility, added recoil
  • x-warrior: improved ship agility
  • side-interceptor: reduced max generator reload speed, improved mass, reduced ship agility
  • pioneer: increased min generator reload speed
  • crusader: increased max generator reload speed, increased laser speed
  • u-sniper: increased recoil, decreased max laser speed
  • bat-defender: added laser convergence, improved laser speed and generator capacity
  • advanced fighter: decreased max generator reload speed
  • scorpion: decreased max generator reload speed, decreased ship agility, decreased max laser speed
  • a-speedster: increased max generator reload speed, reduced ship size, decreased max laser damage and acceleration
  • condor: reduced ship size
  • o-defender: improved shot rate, improved generator capacity


  • Added Polish localization
  • Added Russian localization


  • Integrated chat system


  • Raised the minimum density of asteroids
  • Destroyed asteroids now always deliver some amount of crystals
  • It is now possible to use mouse controls together with keyboard spacebar and up arrow


  • your ship now gets 3 lives when levelling up
  • second pass on improving the balance between ships / levels


  • fixed problem of hidden survivor
  • radar in survival mode now shows all targets
  • extra lives cannot be used in survival mode anymore. Dont die!


  • balance: Lower level ships are now always faster than higher level ships (with speed maxed).