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The Controls in are fairly simple. The ship can either be controlled with the mouse or keyboard. Moving your mouse around or using the arrow keys will cause your ship to move, while pressing left click on your mouse or the space bar on your keyboard will cause your ship to fire its weapons. can also be played on mobile, if you’re a Google Play Store user or iTunes user, the controls are the chat pops up when you hit the center of your ship, the secondary shop is a mine with a "$" in it, the rcs button is on the left side of your screen, the thruster and fire button is on the same side, the joystick (how you move is where your finger is.


Other gameplay controls:

Key Control
Z Take a screenshot
Ctrl/Cmd Toggle RCS
Tab Show/hide/switch Leaderboard
R Show/hide Radar
C Show/hide Chat Commands
F11 Toggle fullscreen Note: no longer works with Esc menu being added to website
U Open/close upgrade bar (when max crystals)
Scroll wheel Toggle secondary weapons
W Pull Up the Secondary Weapon shop (only in Survival)
Alt Firing the secondary weapon
Shift also changes what secondary is selected to use
Esc Opens up a menu on the side of the screen shows the ship tree, you can get the game link there to, in the steam version you can also quit the app and the game your in.

In addition to the basic movement/attack controls and game play controls, many other keys on the keyboard (e.g. the "K" and "M" keys) act as an in-game selection addition to chat with other players in real time. Here is a list of those shortcuts (in Survival Mode).

Key Message Key Message Key Message Key Message
O Hello X Thanks T Team H Help
B Bye S Sorry W Follow me L Leader

Y Yes P No Problem M Mine K Kill
N No G Good Game A Attack Q Hmm?

List of shortcuts (in Team Mode):

Key Message Key Message Key Message Key Message
O You M Mine T Wait G Good Game
E Me W Follow K Kill P No Problem
Y Yes A Attack B Base X Thanks
N No D Defend Q Hmm? S Sorry

For upgrading, there are also hotkeys:

Key Upgrade Key Upgrade
1 Shield Capacity 6 Weapon Speed
2 Shield Regeneration 7 Ship Speed
3 Energy Capacity 8 Ship Agility
4 Energy Regeneration 9 Upgrade Ship (Option 1)
5 Weapon Damage 0 Upgrade Ship (Option 2)

Tip: if you get the damage upgrade it's recommended to get energy regeneration and capacity.