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Custom Game Creator with its options.
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The Custom Game Creator is an ECP-exclusive feature that allows players to generate custom maps with custom settings, that can be shared with friends or other players. Maps generated cannot be joined by other players as they are unlisted, unless they have the link, which can be shared by the person who generated the map, among private friends or among the community, primarily through the Discord server.

The following settings are available to be tweaked in the Custom Game Generator:

  • Server Location (America, Asia, Brazil, and Europe)
  • Map name (if left blank, a random map name is generated)
  • Map size (Micro, Tiny, Small, Average, Big, Bigger, Even Bigger, Really Big, Biggest, Huge)
  • Map pattern (any number from 1 to 9999, each number has a unique procedurally generated map)
  • Game mode
    • Survival Mode
      • Survival Trigger Time (10-600 minutes)
      • Survival Trigger Level (2-Infinite)
      • Number of teams (None-5)
    • Team Mode
      • Space Station size (Small, Average, Big, Huge)
      • Station crystal capacity (x0.1 to x10)
      • Station repair threshold (0% to 100%)
      • Station regeneration (x0 to x2)
      • Number of teams (2-5)
  • Max players (2-120)
  • Crystal value (x0 to x5)
  • Asteroid strength (x0 to x5)
  • Number of lives (0-5)
  • Starting ship
    • Whether start with fully upgraded or not. Note only effects players without a ECP or that has hit the Facebook or Twitter icons on the bottom of the menu.
  • Max ship level (1-7)
    • Number of lives on the maxed ship level.
  • Ship speed (x0.1 to x2)
  • RCS (Reaction Control Systems) Toggle
  • Ship Shield Regeneration and Energy Regeneration (x0 to x2)
  • Strafe (No strafe to x1, strafe at top ship speed)
  • Mines expire(Self-Destruct) or not
  • Note that in Invasion, there are no settings that can be changed except server name, server region, and the season it is. (currently one)

One of the best usages of Custom Games is for dueling between players. Sporadic events arranged by the community or the developers also happen in custom servers. Frequent custom servers are posted on the Discord server, usually with high gem rates, weak asteroids and tier 6 ships.

One of the unique features of custom servers is the Survival Teams Mode, which allows removal of all ship-to-ship damage between friendlies. Hence, a setting of 1 will disable all ship-to-ship damage, allowing for unique events. Players in this mode are arranged to teams alternatively when joining.

Quite recently, a handful of new features were added into the custom game. Now, player-created ships can be used in the ship tree. With enough ships, the entire tree can be replaced. Players are now also able to create their own maps. The best thing is that players can even create their own gamemodes (for example, barracuda demolition derby). I am not sure, but I think that is is on a separate custom game creator. These features are still experimental and crashes a lot, but it will probably get better in the near future. This stuff is completely separate from the custom game creator known as modding which is in the Alpha 6 state.