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Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 350/100
Shield Regen 2/2
Energy Cap 120/60
Energy Regen 50/100
Turning Rate 30/60
Acceleration 40/100
Terminal Velocity 150/150
Stats (Constant)
Tier N/A
Mass 150
Designer Uranus Orbiter
Status Active

D-Blast - an omnidirectional, rapid-firing semi-pulse mobile turret.

Sometimes you'd like to maneuver and shoot at the same time. That is possible - with turrets. Sadly, turrets are only installed onto larger ships: fregates, battleships, dreadnaughts.

But what if you built a fighter around a turret?

Well, then you'd end up with this thing.

Starblast D-Blast.png

It's a reasonable fighter with a somewhat-boring shape. It is able to rotate its weapons 360 degrees, thus allowing for unconventional combat maneuvers. Weapons are powerful and produce a reasonable amount of recoil, which can be utilized by the aforementioned turret's rotation.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The ultimate turret - choose the aiming configuration that fits you needs best!
  • Firing straight ahead - simple, classic, reliable.
  • Broadside drive-by bombing, at your fingertips!
  • Chased? Or maybe need a boost? Not a problem - turn the turret!
  • Movement and aiming have never been so detached.