ECP Badges

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These are the variations a player can choose from once they get an ECP. For ECP textures and lasers, see ECP Textures and Custom Lasers

Badge Name Badge Image
Star Badge Star Badge.png
Reddit Badge Reddit Badge.png
Pirate Badge Pirate Badge.png
Youtube Badge Youtube Badge.png
Twitch Badge Twitch Badge.png
Invader Badge Invader Badge.png
Galactic Empire Badge Galactic Empire Badge.png
Rebel Alliance Badge Rebel Alliance Badge.png
SDF Badge SDF Badge.png
Paw Badge Paw Badge.png
Gamepedia Badge Gamepedia Badge.png
Discord Badge Discord Badge.png
Medic Badge Medic Badge.png
Centauri Space Force Badge Centauri Space Force Badge.PNG
New World Army Citizens Badge New World Army Citizens Badge.PNG
Proxima Mining Front Badge Proxima Mining Front Badge.PNG
Halo Corsairs Badge Halo Corsairs Badge.PNG
United Nations Green Eagles Badge United Nations Green Eagles Badge.PNG