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The different game modes available give players a variety of options to choose and enjoy from! Starting from a fun Team Mode to a furious game of Alpha Centauri Wars!

There are currently 12 game modes available to be played in either the standalone client or the browser. Four of these are normal modes, including Survival Mode, Team Mode, Pro Deathmatch, and Invasion, can be played by anyone at any time via the main menu. 6 others, Battle Royale, U-Series, Racing, Alien Intrusion, Prototypes, and Nautic Series are playable via the modding space.

Alpha Centauri Wars is the 11th game mode, only accessible as a monthly event.

Training mode is the 12th game mode, enables new players to get a feel of what the game has to offer and how to play it. You can find an in depth analysis of each mode here. Modes