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Modding space is the part of the game where anyone can play a selection of some of the best mods made by the community. It was released on June 29th 2018. As of right now it has 6 different mods:

In the menu for Modding space, there are two links for the mod editor and the ship editor (only on the website version). While the community has made many more mods, few have been added to Modding Space. The day new mods get added to modding space is referred to as Modding Friday.

As of 1-03-19 modding space only allows players to access one of its 8 mods at a time. These mods are on a rotation. The amount of time each mod gets at a time is dependent on the popularity of the mod. For example, the mods with a custom ship tree, rumble, capture the flag and Destory the Mothership are each available for 8 hours at a time while Battle Royale, Racing, and the now removed Prototypes are available for 4 hours at a time while Prototypes was available for 8. When new mods/major mod updates are released they are available for the entire weekend along with the other mods in rotation.

On lower resolution screens, the Alpha Centauri Wars banner blocks the button. However, simply zooming out allows the player to click it. (Only on the web browser version). Which has been fixed.

U-series[edit | edit source]

Created by Finalizer, it is a standard team mode game, but with one big difference: all the ships are U sniper style. The U sniper is the level 1, and the ships get more and more powerful. The base is normal size, the ship tree is set up the same, and there are the same number of ships as in the normal modes. You do, however, have five extra lives. This is also true in Alien Intrusion, another modding space game. There is background artwork that is random. The first mod to be made public with the modding system. The firing styles of several ships are very unique, there is also a unusual ramming ship that uses recoil instead of a dash ability (what makes the barracuda work). There are also new fighting styles that you normally won't see in vanilla.

Alien Intrusion[edit | edit source]

Created by Goldman, it is alien vs player vs player game (there are 2 teams) the aliens gets progressively harder to take down (and they give more gems with the higher level aliens) all aliens spawn in a "city" that is at the center of the map that is using the ability to add in 3D objects with physics (hitbox) this was the first of Goldman's 3 MS mods.

Battle Royale[edit | edit source]

The rules are the same. Same basic idea as it was with the last Battle Royale event. It is now available whenever you want without asking a ECP to make a game.

Racing[edit | edit source]

Is a timed racing based game where you can't kill anyone but there are rockets, missiles, and the 2 type of mines so you can slow down your opponents. This was one of the first 3 modding space games to be added (Was first introduced in the Modding Friday right before the Modding space update). (Was replaced by SRC)

Starblast racing championship[edit | edit source]

The mod was created by Goldman and Notus, it follows the same basic principle as the original racing mod but with more features. (like a ranking system built in) It was featured twice in a weekend event at two different points before being added to Modding Space full time.

Nautic Series[edit | edit source]

A mod added before Prototypes mod and made by Goldman, creator of Alien Intrusion. It is a ship tree is based on sea creatures. It is a standard team mode game with two teams. The most interesting thing about this mod is that some ships have abilities relative to the sea animal they appear as in the game.

Prototypes[edit | edit source]

A mod that was in modding space, created by Uranus. This mod is the most unique among all mods; there is no mining, and they play style is different from everything else, like a mix of team mode and deathmatch. Asteroids are supposedly unbreakable, and even if they did, they would drop nothing. There are a variety of ships you can choose to fight with, and they require skill to use. This mod has been removed from Modding Space due to inactivity from the creator and lag though it is still playable through the Mod Editor.

This mod is nearly 10000 lines long, making it by far the largest mod in Modding Space, or even the largest mod ever created.

This might also be the reason why it was so laggy.

Rumble[edit | edit source]

A fast paced Team death match mod, created by 45rfew. This mod is a generic team v team mod where users on each team compete against each other to reach the targeted kill goal at hand. There is a 50/50 percent chance the goal will be 50 kills with 20 mins stop time or 100 kills with 30 mins stop time. This mod uses the same ships as present in Team Mode, with some additional ships like H-Mercury and Toscain that were removed from the game.

Capture the flag[edit | edit source]

A team mod created by 45rfew and Bhpsngum that's based around capturing the enemy flag. The mod uses the same ships as Rumble and uses custom ships created by 45rfew

Destroy the Mothership[edit | edit source]

A team mod created by 45rfew and Absolute Kun, the premises of this mod is to destory the enemies Mothership while protecting your own. The ships used are all made by Absolute Kun.

Multi-Class Ship Tree[edit | edit source]

A mod full of new ships that expands upon the original vanilla ship tree several times over with ships made by various ship builders in the starblast community