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Player Names[edit | edit source]

Names can be chosen on Starblast before entering a game that will be attached to that player for the duration of that match. The chosen name will be displayed in-game on the leaderboard and beneath player vessels, along with some basic information about their score, shields, and gems. Any plain text names inputted will be changed entirely to uppercase letters. The input box also allows names to essentially include any combination of Unicode characters which can be used to input names with lowercase letters in other fonts. Each name can be up to sixteen characters long, and any and all special characters are allowed in the player names. As of a recent update, there is a censor in place that will pick up on any names that contain strings of letters that could be deemed profane. This includes any words that include profanity within them such as ""assassin"". Any names that are picked up by this filter are replaced on other player's screens by one of the names randomly assigned when no name has been chosen. There some names you see very often but they are not assigned names if you leave the name spot blank. (Ex: X-27, a popular starblast content creator, which X-and a number is quite common due to the same reason as why X-27 is common. El Pro is common for some reason, Nova is also a common name for various reasons, Turkiye is a common name in Europe)

If a player leaves their name blank, one of the following names are automatically assigned to them.

Here's the list of 44 random player names that is derived from the Starblast data:

  • Arkady Darell
  • Bel Riose
  • Cleon I
  • Dors Venabili
  • Ebling Mis
  • Gaal Dornick
  • Hari Seldon
  • Hober Mallow
  • Janov Pelorat
  • The Mule
  • Preem Palver
  • R.D. Olivaw
  • R.G. Reventlov
  • Raych Seldon
  • Salvor Hardin
  • Wanda Seldon
  • Yugo Amaryl
  • James T. Kirk
  • Leonard McCoy
  • Hikaru Sulu
  • Montgomery Scott
  • Spock
  • Picard
  • Christine Chapel
  • Nyota Uhura
  • Pavel Chekov
  • Ford
  • Zaphod
  • Marvin
  • Anakin
  • Luke
  • Leia
  • Ackbar
  • Tarkin
  • Jabba
  • Rey
  • Kylo
  • Han
  • Vader
  • D.A.R.Y.L.
  • HAL 9000
  • Lyta Alexander
  • Stephen Franklin
  • Lennier

Map Names[edit | edit source]

Map names are chosen randomly for each server from a list. Most names will consist of a few numbers followed by a random name or the other way around. Some names will consist of a name of a random letter of the alphabet from the Greek, Arabic, or Hebrew alphabets followed by a random name.

Team Names[edit | edit source]

Team names in team mode are randomly assigned from a list of possible names. The following names could be assigned to teams:

  • Anarchist Concord Vega
  • Andromeda Union
  • Federation
  • Galactic Empire
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Solaris Dominion
  • Sovereign Trappist Colonies

Station Names[edit | edit source]

Station names are generally named after existing real world Earth cities or towns, followed by a random keyword similar to "station" that could list the possible purpose of that stations existence in a lore sense. It should be noted that these are purely cosmetic and don't have any impact on the functionality of the stations themselves. The following keywords could be assigned to stations, after a city/town name:

  • Base
  • City
  • District
  • Dock
  • Facility
  • Gate
  • Outpost
  • Platform
  • Portal
  • Settlement
  • Station
  • Terminal