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Ships are the vessels piloted by each player in There are currently 32 ships spread out across 7 tiers. New ships are constantly being created and suggested by members of the community via the subreddit, 6 of which have been added to the game thus far, and 12 total ships have been added to the game itself. Check out the tutorial for more information on how to get started creating your own. Generally, ships in higher tiers are stronger yet slower than ships of lower tiers, with a few exceptions. Ships can be upgraded to enhance their abilities up to level 7 (level 7 ships come maxed). Each ship can also be upgraded to a ship of a higher tier, up to Tier 7, by filling their crystal cargo, from a choice of two ships. This is visually represented in the Ship Tree.

Note: This is the current ship tree (the one above is the first week test of a revamped tree) newer ship tree Also note there was a ship tree added onto the website platform of Starblast (by hitting ESC)

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

There is currently only one ship,the Fly,available at level one. The Fly is arguably the weakest ship is the game with one of the highest agility and speed levels. This will be the ship the player will start with in most game modes. This ship also has limited lives in team and invasion (team mode 4 lives) (invasion mode 3 lives).

Tier 1 ships have one Secondaries slot:

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

Tier 2 currently harbors two different ships. While these two ships are much better than the fly in terms of suitability, they are still relatively weak and are often powered through to acquire a tier 3 ship. These have two secondary slots.

Ship Name Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Delta-Fighter Fly Pulse-Fighter,Side-Fighter
Trident Fly Shadow X-1,Y-Defender

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

This tier includes what many consider as first ships that can competently and effectively be used in prolonged combat. The ships found here are the maximum tier ships available to the player in a team mode game prior to upgrading the station.

Ship Name Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Side-Fighter Delta-Fighter X-Warrior,Side-Interceptor
Pulse-Fighter Delta-Fighter Vanguard,Mercury
Shadow X-1 Trident Side-Interceptor,Pioneer
Shadow X-1.png
Y-Defender Trident Pioneer,Crusader

Tier 4[edit | edit source]

This tier marks a large jump in fire power. There ships here become a bit more varied in terms of stats.

Ship Name Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Vanguard Pulse-Fighter U-Sniper,Furystar
X-Warrior Side-Fighter T-Warrior,Aetos
Mercury Pulse-Fighter Furystar,T-Warrior
Side-Interceptor Side-Fighter,Shadow X-1 Shadow X-2,Aetos
Pioneer Shadow X-1,Y-Defender Shadow X-2,Toscain
Crusader Y-Defender Toscain,Bat-Defender

Tier 5[edit | edit source]

This tier arguably has some of the most varied ships across any tier. It contains ships that specialize in firepower, in speed, in agility, and some in shields.

Ship Name Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
U-Sniper Vanguard Advanced-Fighter,Scorpion
T-Warrior Mercury,X-Warrior H-Mercury,Condor
Aetos X-Warrior,Side-Interceptor Condor,A-Speedster
Shadow X-2 Side-Interceptor,Pioneer A-Speedster,Rock-Tower
Shadow X-2.png
FuryStar Vanguard,Mercury Scorpion,H-Mercury
Toscain Pioneer,Crusader Rock-Tower,Barracuda
Bat-Defender Crusader Barracuda,O-Defender

Tier 6[edit | edit source]

The jump from tier 5 to tier six marks another large jump in firepower, just as is the case between tiers 2 and 3. Every ship here would be considered a heavy hitter, with all but the Rock-Tower, Barracuda and the H-Mercury sporting a pulse. This tier also contains the largest number of ships out of any tier at 8 ships.

Ship Name Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Advanced-Fighter U-Sniper Odyssey,Shadow X-3
Scorpion U-Sniper,Furystar Odyssey,Shadow X-3
H-Mercury Furystar,T-Warrior Shadow X-3,Bastion
Condor T-Warrior,Aetos Shadow X-3,Bastion
A-Speedster Aetos,Shadow X-2 Shadow X-3,Bastion
Rock-Tower Shadow X-2,Toscain Shadow X-3,Bastion
Barracuda Toscain,Bat-Defender Bastion,Aries
O-Defender Bat-Defender Bastion,Aries

Tier 7[edit | edit source]

This tier contains the end game ships. All tier 7 ships other than the Shadow X-3 have incredibly high amounts of firepower, which can be debilitating when attacking a ship of a lower tier and excels in destroying bases. (The X3 has great firepower, its energy generation is very low) A skilled pilot or a group can relatively easily kill a T-7 with a lower tier ship though, due to the low maneuverability of most ships found in tier 7. This tier has limited lives in invasion (3) and the other game modes 0 lives (die once back to level 6 in team, game over in survival)

Ship Name Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Odyssey Advanced-Fighter,Scorpion N/A
Shadow X-3 Advanced-Fighter,Scorpion,H-Mercury,Condor,A-Speedster,Rock-Tower N/A
Bastion H-Mercury,Condor,A-Speedster,Rock-Tower,Barracuda,O-Defender N/A
Aries Barracuda,O-Defender N/A
Size comparison of 4 ships in Tier 7: Odyssey, Shadow X-3, Aries and The Bastion
Size comparison of the 4 ships in Tier 7: Odyssey, Shadow X-3, Aries and the Bastion

Battle Royale Ships[edit | edit source]

These ships are inaccessible by normal gameplay means and are only accessible in the Battle Royale mode, a weekend event showcasing three ships designed by community shipbuilders. Battle Royal mode is currently only accessible through the custom game creator.

Silencer - Designed by Finalizer

Cayman - Designed by Goldman

Renegade - Designed by Kleinem

Spearhead - Inspired by Teal Knight

Cronus - Designed by SChickenMan

Intrepid - Designed by Finalizer

Stingray - Designed by Goldman

Hammerhead - Designed by Goldman

All of these ships have no energy or shield regeneration, and rely on energy and shield capsules that can be picked up at spawn points.

Ship Name Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Silencer N/A N/A
Cayman N/A N/A
Renegade N/A N/A
Spearhead N/A N/A
Cronus N/A N/A CRONUS2.png


N/A N/A Intrepid3.png


N/A N/A Stingray.png


N/A N/A Hammerhead.png