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Starblast racing championship

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Starblast racing championship
Racing championship logo.jpg
Mod Information
Mod Version 0.9
Creator Goldman&Notus
Number of ships 6

What is the Starblast racing championship?[edit | edit source]

Do you think Starblast racing has a lot of flaws and they will never be fixed?

Many players who like to compete in speed in Starblast (ignoring MS racing). That's why custom mods were created.

(Yes, don't forget Uranus' racing). SRC mod - version of racing for experienced players, with a focus on accuracy, lack of randomness, racing rules, real tracks, and of course.. with UPDATES!

Championships are held here:


Details about the mod[edit | edit source]

The mod released in August 2019, and during this time passed several stages on the tracks Spa, Monza, Hungaroring... The stages - are weekends, races take place every 2-3 weeks.

They are held in 2 regions - Europe and America.

The Creator is Goldman, with great support from Notus. Codes for all mods you can find on the repository dedicated to SRC: https://github.com/mrGoldmanus/SRC-All-track-codes-

Mod features: (only on last tracks/versions of the mod)


- Wider tracks but more challenging.

- Have a more pleasant background design, as well as signs with tips at the start

- Asteroids have a strength of 3, not so horribly if you get stuck

Boosters and secondary weapons:

- No randomness! Now there are DRS zones and weapons on the pitlane.

DRS Zone: on each track there are 2 high-speed/ wide areas and on each area will be a line of 4-5 boost weapons. Respawn very fast, and everyone will be able to get booster.

Racing DRS zone.png

Pit lane: You can go to the "pitstop". You, of course, will lose ~0.5 seconds, but you get rockets/ mines. It is also a line of 4 changing missiles/ small rockets/mines/small mines, enough for everyone. (only in endurance races)

Racing Pitlane.png

Ship changes:

- Increased mass by 50, it slightly increases the chance of getting stuck, but when colliding with an asteroid, you almost don't lose control of the ship, and almost don't lose time

- Greatly improved zoom and map zoom for all ships.

- Reworked boosting, now ships when you make a click, ship little slows down, and for 1 second holding the mouse button is gaining huge speed (like nitro in arcade racing)

Made the balance of some ships:

- significant buff of zoom on Lancer, and increased energy capacity on Lancer.

- Slight increase boost_speed on Booster.

- Many minor relative changes in speed, acceleration, and zoom.

- New ship: Space Phantom, a slightly weak ship in speed, has a very poor mass, but has an energy capacity of 300! (others: 200/ Lancer: 240)

- (Many important changes I will describe in the rules)

Additional improvement:

- Added chat

Racing chat.png

- At the spawn area there is a section where you can change the ship using the E key.

- Added a few remarks of the instructor, slightly modified messages

Spawn Area: here there is basic information about the mod and information about the ships

Racing spawn.png

Rules[edit | edit source]

Moderation, anti-Troll:

The moderator (Goldman or maybe another creator of the server) can give to player warning for any violation, and if this will repeat, the person will be kicked from the server, and on GA Discord server he will receive the role forbidding to read the channel with SRC news and game links.

Flags, Safety car:

Yellow flag:

Be careful. Aggressive overtaking will be considered as dangerous driving

Red flag:

The race is prematurely completed without results. It can be stopped because of a large-scale bug or total trolling!

Green flag:

The race continues

Virtual safety car:

All ships are immobilized (for 10-30 sec). Moderator needs to kick a troll or there was an incident that he needs to fix.

- Sprint and endurance race:

Events are held in 2 stages, differences:


- Short distances (~10 laps on average), 15 minutes of qualification

- More powerful boosters

- Only 1 slot for a booster

- No secondary weapons, closed pit lane.


- Long distance (~17 laps average), 8 minutes of qualification

- Weak boosters

- 2 slots

- Open pitlane, you can use secondary weapons (only in the race)

Ships[edit | edit source]

Ship name Creator Tier Picture
Booster [SRC edition] Zerd 1 if sprint race, 2 if endurance race
Astral Accelerator [SRC edition] Finalizer
Astral Accelerator.png
V1 [SRC edition] Void
RAD Diamond Lancer [SRC edition] Uranus
RAD Diamond Lancer.png
Vengar [SRC edition] SChickenman
Space Phantom [SRC edition] Goldman
Space Phantom.PNG

Scoring[edit | edit source]

(Will be fully operational in the next season)


Pole position: 2 points

Best lap: 1 point

1st place-6 points

2nd place-4 points

3rd place-2 points

4th place-1 point

5th place-1 point

Endurance race:

Pole position: 1 point

Best lap: 2 points

1st place-5 points

2nd place-4 points

3rd place-3 points

4th place-2 points

5th place-1 point

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

In SRC often the case, that in the race more important, not a skill, and correctly choose of the ship. There is nothing unfair if one of the ships is too OP on one of the tracks On the other, it will be very weak. So, the description of the ships (by the way, this description is largely suitable for classic MS racing):

Ship Advantages and Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

  • + = Advantages
  • - = Disadvantages

Booster :

+ Has a high mass, so it is very easy to avoid collisions

+ Has a high acceleration_speed

+ Balanced by characteristics

- A wide hitbox, it's quite difficult to fly on optimum trajectory

- Low max speed

Astral accelerator :

+ Has a huge top speed

+ Good zoom

- Has low acceleration, it is difficult to pass sharp turns

- Has a very low mass

- Difficult to control, easy to get stuck

V-1 :

+ Balanced by characteristics

+ Has a sharp nose, so it is easy to pass the cascades of turns

+ Has a good top speed

- A little hard to control, and with a sharp nose is easy to get stuck

- Several of the characteristics below average

RAD Diamond Lancer :

+ Has increased energy reserve (+40)

+ Good zoom

+ Balanced by characteristics

- Low speed, some characteristics are also below average

Vengar :

+ Best acceleration

+ Comfortable, best rotation

+ Sharp nose

- Sharp nose, easy to get stuck

- Very low speed

- Bad zoom

- Not massive

Space Phantom :

+ Huge energy reserve (+100)

+ Dexterous

+ Sharp nose

- Sharp nose, easy to get stuck

- Not massive

- Several of the characteristics below average

Some tricks for the different tracks[edit | edit source]

These are just examples, not real tracks in the championship. A detailed calendar and description of the tracks will be ready for the release of mod (winter 2019)

Type 1: Very speed track

Type 2: Speed track but with 1 difficult sector

Type 3: Medium-speed track, with many turns 90*

Type 4: Medium-speed track, with many high-speed turns

Type 5: low-speed track, with many very slow turns(140*+)

Type 6: low-speed track, without long straight lines

Racing championship tracks.jpg

1. Unambiguously, is worth to take Astral Accelerator, here it will be OP, other ships powerless

2. If you have a good ping and you're skilled player, it makes sense to take Astral Accelerator. In another case, you should take a balanced V-1 or Lancer

3. There is not enough space to take maximum speed, but difficult turns there. Ideal ships - ships with good boosters: Space phantom, Booster, Lancer

4. Very unpredictable turns. So that you do not move blindly, you need a ship with a good zoom. Well suited Lancer

5. There are a lot of sharp turns, but there are straight areas, so boosters still play a big role. Choose Zerd's ship.

6. On such tracks, the main thing - convenience. Vengar has a great advantage +good acceleration. Can be used as an alternative is Space phantom