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The Admin noticeboard is one way through which users can notify Administrators of issues needing administrative attention. While users are welcome to directly contact specific administrators (especially if they are seen to be active), posting here can be an easier and quicker way of ensuring that at least one admin will notice an issue and respond to it promptly. Remember to sign (using four tildes: ~~~~) when posting an issue.

Before posting an issue here, please consider the following:

  • This page is for reporting wiki issues. Please post discussions on the talk page.
  • Post only issues that require administrative action, i.e. blocking vandals, protecting pages, restoring deleted pages etc.
  • Do not post deletion requests here. Deletion requests should be made by adding {{delete|reason for deletion request}} to the top of the target page, which will then automatically mark the page as a candidate for deletion.
  • Do not post issues regarding content disputes. Try making a request for comment instead.
  • Mediation requests between users should only be made once a resolution could not be reached between users.
  • For issues regarding the use of this wiki, please see our help center.

In case of vandalism, posting about it here is low priority. Revert it first, anyone can do so. If the vandal created a new page, tag it for deletion. Assume good faith and consider leaving a message on that user's talk page to explain the reason. Post here only if the user has made several disruptive edits and/or persists despite a warning. Always avoid a revert war with the vandal; it is far better to wait until an admin has a chance to intervene. If a user must be reported here, please use {{user}}, preferably as the topic subject/headline.

Current Issues[edit source]

VERY unfair Team mode[edit source]

I've been playing the game for a a very decent while and really found my skill in team mode. It was progressive, and teammates could really help out against aliens. I noticed how unfair the game gets when one side starts to dominate the board, because the other side just can't catch up unless they somehow mess up. To remedy this, you balanced the game by locking which side can be joined after a certain number of teammates are on.

hhhhhh.... the problem is, that the balancing system... isn't balanced itself. It works, but there's a key problem with it. You have to "lose to win." What I mean by this is that when a losing team is somewhere between "not quite one sided battle" and "a chance if they try hard enough", the Balancing system goes into overdrive and LOCKS the selection to that team. It doesn't matter if the other team has upper tier tanks. It doesn't even matter how many players get wiped out the map again and again. There's always someone to fill their shoes. Before you know it, your team is corroding away because they just can't get anywhere. The game is so determined on being balanced, that it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the team that was already winning to keep playing. It takes the entire fun out of the game by adding a brick wall with a giant "EZ victory" for the other team plastered over its long side. I'm talking about one team having 14 players(lvl 2 base), and the other having 7 (level 3 base. this is the upper tier team, and it's JUST decently leveled up the base).

There are WAY too many players for the team that used to be winning to redeem themselves, and the balancing AI just doesn't care. They KEEP stacking onto the other team. It's the ultimate spit in the face after grinding against several aliens and your own teammates impacts. I'd like to suggest that this balancing system ONLY activates if one team starts killing off the other too early, like a tier 2 tank killing a level one. This way, the game wouldn't be denying people who already spent several minutes for victory. The game never provides more players to balance the team that's losing, unless it does. In which case everything goes sideways. The prevailing team feels like it's a "gimme", and the upper tier team can feel cheated by the game itself; almost as if being punished for how far ahead they pushed themselves to.

I'd also like to ask that some "protection" is placed around the base as long as it's level 1, like a force-feild. This would make it bullet proof to any trolls that are H8llbent on making the other team lose all of their patience and rage quite before the game even fully develops. It might also be a good idea to add turrets to the base when it levels up, so that it can protect itself against any lvl 1 one jerks who keep shooting one bullet and running. The AI should only through the match like this if the other team is killing everyone before level 2 or 3.

Ultimately, these are suggestions, but I am disappointed with the direction team mode went in. Not because of the players on the game, but because the balancing system has devalued my skill MID GAME. I used to be able to support my team and lead, but I keep getting killed by random players, and the other team having nearly twice as many players JUST because they're a few hundred gems beneath ours, as opposed to a few thousand, just doesn't help. I also feel like I'm being set up to fail, as the game puts me in a team that LOOKS like they can win, and then the other side gets 5 more players to our 1.

There's no way for me to keep playing this game mode as it is, because EVERYTIME as of late, I have to abase myself like a maid and heal everyone just so my team can catch up. It's not fun watching teammates get themselves killed because they think I'll magically keep healing them while I can't even defend myself.

On another note, the heal feature should NOT phase through aliens and leave the ship completely vulnerable. I keep getting hosed when I go into the base to save someone who either got rammed, deflected, or was too hasty to care. Even when they get out, I get hosed with yellow and green bullets as my comically slow ship can't even turn to pick up any gems to regenerate. It's one of the most irritating feelings to be a level 3 tank and find myself getting mauled by starting aliens.

All in all, the game's nice, I hope racing mode is further worked on, and thank you for making this game free.