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This is a list of some helpful tips and tricks for Feel free to add your own to this list!

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

  • Upgrading a ship will cut into your crystal reserve, but will help you mine and survive attacks better.
  • Upgrading all of your ship's abilities will make it stronger than most of the next tier non-upgraded ships.
  • At the tier 4 ship for T-Warrior and Aetos, known as the X-Warrior, max your Energy Regen, your ammo will be almost infinite!
  • For U-Sniper and Vanguard, you can use a strategy known as “squiding.”( Using it's recoil to propel itself). If you don’t upgrade damage but upgrade capacity and regen, you can turn RCS off and shoot behind you to go extremely fast. Note: due to the recoil nerf on the Vanguard this said trick is not effective
  • A maxed out ship will ALWAYS be stronger than a non-upgraded ship of the next tier. For example, a fully upgraded Side-Fighter will always be stronger than a un-upgraded X-Warrior.

Tier jumping[edit | edit source]

  • To jump tiers as fast as possible, upgrade the Energy Regen all the way as soon as you can. This maximizes your DPS, and although you spent some crystals, you'll earn them back 10-30% faster. Skip the other upgrades. (Do not do this for tiers 1 and 2)
  • If you have enough crystals to level up, but you don't want to move to the next tier, you can buy another life or just keep the crystals as extra shields. Note that the extra life won't help you in survival mode.
  • When you are a lower tier, focus on smaller asteroids, as bigger ones take to much time and you will likely get killed before you destroy it, examples:
        Fly:tiny and small   Tier 2:tiny, small, medium  Tier 3:tiny, small, medium, large  Tier 4:all

Attacking[edit | edit source]

  • If you see somebody that has full gems but isn't upgrading, attack unless they're a higher tier level than you.
  • If you attack someone mining an asteroid, crash into them from behind, so that they crash into the asteroid and do some extra damage from both you and the asteroid. Make sure you have enough shield to handle both the crash and weapons of the ship you're fighting.
  • When attacking a ship that is faster, but weaker than you, and he tries to escape, try to do enough damage so it loses some gems for you to collect. If you ram them into asteroids, you will get even more gems, and maybe even kill them.
  • If you attack and kill your killer, you get extra revenge points.
  • Avoid attacking ships that are 2 tiers behind you, unless actively trying to kill you. No one likes a bully.
  • If you are a lower tier ship, use your speed as an advantage. Attack for a few seconds, then retreat, repeat. If your shield gets too low, do not come back for a little bit.
  • If you want to attack a group of players that has the same level ships than you, try to pick off stragglers that is in the process of mining. If your opponent retreats, do not go after him unless you know a proper escape.
  • If someone is attacking and you are almost the same speed turn off RCS and turn around shoot, move, turn around shoot, move. Repeat the process until they die. This gives you a better chance of winning. (Note: this works best with pulse ships)

Defending[edit | edit source]

  • If you are getting attacked by a ship that's faster than yours try doing zigzags; it will be much more difficult for your opponent to hit you.
  • Crystals act as health after your shield is down!
  • When your shield is down and you're losing gems, try to pick them back up.
  • If a player tries to attack you, don't be afraid to fight back sometimes.
  • If your ship is heavier than theirs, meaning it is less susceptible to flying back really far when rammed, try to ram theirs. This will throw their shots off and will do damage to them, and you. Ramming them into asteroids can really change who's winning a fight. (Heavy ship examples: O-Defender, Pioneer, Bat-Defender, Barracuda, or Crusader)
  • Run from level 7 ships. If you have enough shields, you may attack.

Losing a fight[edit | edit source]

  • If you are getting attacked and don't think you can survive, press the upgrade keys quickly to avoid losing gems.
  • If you have full crystals, and are about to lose all your shield buy another ship, fight back and upgrade to the next tier ship just before you start losing gems. This will max your shield instantly and gives you a better chance to survive.


If you run in Deathmatch, your attacker is likely to catch up with you. This is why you should always stay and fight.

If there is tons of ships all fighting for a kill, than maybe run. If you run, try to make it as unnoticed as possible. FOR EXAMPLE- Avoid bumping into asteroids and other ships, this will draw attention and make them want to follow you and eventually kill you.

Secondaries[edit | edit source]

Secondaries are highly useful objects in There are 3 pods, 2 types of mines, and 3 projectile weapons.

Defense pods: These pods act like shields, protecting you from enemy shots. Defense pods don't work if you are being rammed. The enemy player can get within range of your shields. Defense pods are also useless against a Barracuda. Many players use defense pods, sometimes filling all their available slots with them. They can be handy, and if you are not skilled in fights, defense pods are ideal to help you.

Attack pods: These pods shoot at players, but do not target asteroids. It takes more skill to fight with only attack pods and nothing else, since they do not help mine or shield you. They can, however, be lethal if used properly.

Mining Pods: These pods help you mine, but their lasers do not damage players. These are ideal for beginners trying to reach a higher tier ship, since getting gems increases with having an abundance of mining pods. These pods are good for team mode games because you can upgrade your station faster.

To see more on the other weapons, click here: Secondary Weapons

  • If you want to get secondary weapons, then a good idea is to wait until you are a tier three+ so you have a bigger cargo

Teams[edit | edit source]

Teams can be found roaming the map all the time in Some may be friendly pacifists like helping each other learn how to play the game, while others are aggressive "Frag Strategy" players.

A few tips for finding which team is right for you, and dealing with teams in a fight are listed below:

  • Use the strategies page to see whether your team or team member (if you have one) will betray you.
  • Be wary of level 3's. They may not seem like much, but coupled with some defense pods, and you have a major problem on your hands. Leaders such as these are going to kill you the second they have the chance. They will not team with anyone, so they don't feel like they are obligated to lose points.
  • Level 6's will always win in a 1v1 fight, as long as they are experienced enough. It is best not to pick a fight with someone who's 2+ tier's higher than you, and it is also hard to befriend them. Teaming is a great strategy, as even accomplished players have stood dumbfounded when their maxed Scorpion was destroyed by a pulse fighter team.
  • Another good thing to know is that those who only say "TEAM, TEAM, TEAM, TEAM..." are not likely to even start a team. When asking for somebody to join your team, or vice versa, always use the phrase "Team,?." This is expressed as T,Q, on the keyboard, and appears more friendly. It gives the other person the feeling of free choice. I once had a fight (I was an Advanced Fighter, the other an O-Defender), and was losing. I kept spamming the team button, and he would not stop. I spammed the keyboard, but to no avail.
  • And also If you’re intending to win Survival Mode, try not to be the leader. Often times groups of players will “Team” up to try to kill you. I do love this game, but teams are ruining the fun for others. Try to play solo sometimes.
  • If a team is chasing you with various types of ships and you're faster than the strongest of them and have more mass than the lower tier and faster ships in the team, run. This will get the weaker teammates far away from the stronger teammates and give the opportunity to use your mass and firepower to knock and kill the lower tiers and give you a better chance of surviving.
  • Teaming is frowned upon because of low level teams killing everything that moves
  • There is also a mechanic in survival mode known as bouncing lasers that can help kill teams by your laser bouncing from one ship to another until they are to far away or one dies (best with pulse ships)