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The Trailblazer is a tier 5 ship in the U-Series mod. This ship is similar to the U-Demon but it is much smaller and has much less recoil associated!And it does regain energy a bit faster than the U-demon but the agility is also slightly worse than the U-demon's agility. It also doesn't have the U demon's problem where the shots go at half damage instead of at full when clicked too quickly.

Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 280/400
Shield Regen 10/20
Energy Cap 440/600
Energy Regen 100/150
Turning Rate 40/55
Acceleration 40/90
Terminal Velocity 100/125
Stats (Constant)
Tier 5 (U-Series Team mode)
Mass 350
Designer Finalizer
Status Active


  • Faster when back firing then the U Demon and U speeder, slower than the U afterburn and U smasher.
  • When only energy cap. and regen are upgraded, fires 4 shots from the front with huge dps.
  • viable as a rammer, though held back by its initial low agility and low move speed without its back cannons.


  • Not upgrading damage at all is viable, but do so when the other ships are more tanky. Be aware that although more powerfull, the fully upgraded bullets do less damage overall then the non upgraded 4 bursts.
  • One strategy(if you are good at steering) is to start a ways off, then rush forward and ram your opponent. the huge speed will knock them spinning. Immediately after hitting them, stop and move forward regularly letting your energy recharge, then blast them before they recover.