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The U-Marksman is a tier 7 ship in the U-Series mod. This ship is a very powerful ship that can very easily one shot many other ships! The only thing that stops it from being very overpowered is the energy regain which is pretty slow which allows other players to take advantage of that and also it is pretty fraile! The agility and speed on the ship take care of the disadvantages.

After firing the main shot, the U-Marksman can fire a quick stream of small projectiles that deal practically no damage at a very high velocity. This was supposedly made to resemble a laser sight on sniper rifles and can sometimes be useful in preparing for the next shot, often being more precise than the mouse cursor alone. This attack consumes effectively no energy.

Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 500
Shield Regen 12
Energy Cap 800
Energy Regen 95
Turning Rate 50
Acceleration 60
Terminal Velocity 125
Stats (Constant)
Tier 7 (U-Series Team mode)
Mass 800
Designer Finalizer
Status Active