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The U-Perimeter is a tier 6 ship in the U-Series mod. This ship is an excellent miner, but this ship is pretty slow very bulky. But don't neglect the fact on how good it can be when attacking! Its a tank and a good attacker when on the offensive! This ship is also the best ship to heal with. The bullets are shot everywhere! It is best played defensively, or offensively, depending if enemies are clustered or not. Fun fact; The ship is literally made of U snipers.

Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 650/900
Shield Regen 10/25
Energy Cap 750/1100
Energy Regen 250/600
Turning Rate 20/40
Acceleration 100/150
Terminal Velocity 80/95
Stats (Constant)
Tier 6 (U-Series Team mode)
Mass 900
Designer Finalizer
Status Active