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The U-Smasher is a tier 6 in the U-Series mod. This ship is an excellent rammer that goes very fast with its canons in the back. This ship is a much better version of the Barracuda and it shreds most ships if caught unexpected. When the ship was first released, it was commonly used as a ship to troll kill teammates by ramming them through asteroid fields. As a result of this, this ship received many changes and new mechanics were added to help prevent this. Now, it's still a troll ship, but it has received many nerfs, and fits in with the rest of the t6's. Just don't underestimate these ships though, or you'll be sent into oblivion at the speed of light.

Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 600/800
Shield Regen 20/35
Energy Cap 400/600
Energy Regen 30/80
Turning Rate 15/25
Acceleration 60/110
Terminal Velocity 100/120
Stats (Constant)
Tier 6 (U-Series Team mode)
Mass 700
Designer Finalizer
Status Active

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • This Ship is Unique in the fact that upgrading damage will cause its thrust lasers to become smaller, making it able to move faster.
  • Immediately after upgrading to this ship, upgrade 3-4 times in shield regen and agility. After that, max out shield regen, agility, energy regen and cap, shield cap, damage, in that order. This ship doesn't really benefit from ship speed, as if speed is needed just boost forward.
  • Never challenge an opponent that has already seen you and is alerted of your presence.
  • Although its a purely ramming ship, unlike the barracuda its unknown if upgrading bulllet speed is helpful. With the Barracuda, it is able to dash forward a further distance, but it might not apply to the U Smasher as it uses back firing lasers, not a "Dash" ability.
  • Don't go after U-10 Thunders and U-Barricades as they are very scary for a rammer even if they are not expecting it! Also be careful of U-Octas, U-Perimeters and level 7 ships in the mod as their large mass negates much of the U smasher's speed. While able to knock them back, really its not worth it. Go after other ships.
  • Flying into groups of enemies is a good/bad idea depending on how you do it. If they are clustered closely, go ahead. One ship knocks into the next, like bowling. If they aren't so packed together, beware. Knocking into them usually takes away your initial velocity, or worst case sends you into a spin. Being sent into a spin is this ships worst nightmare, as it cant easily escape.

Note: Although after the version upgrade where only the ship that does the most damage to an asteroid gets the gems, gem stealing was severely curbed. However, with this ship even bumping slightly into a teamate incurs massive knockback. So to all the U Smashers, be aware of gem stealers.