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The U-Wall is a Tier-7 ship in the U-Series mod, upgrading from the U-Barricade and U-Monitor. It fires a wave of bullets spanning the length of the entire ship, with bullet speed gradually decreasing away form the centre. It is the largest ship in the mod, as well as the second fastest Tier-7

Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 800
Shield Regen 20
Energy Cap 3500
Energy Regen 700
Turning Rate 10
Acceleration 110
Terminal Velocity 110
Stats (Constant)
Tier 7 (U-Series Team mode)
Mass 800
Designer Finalizer
Status Active


The U-Wall has the highest view distance amongst any other ship in the mod, allowing easy viewing of any nearby enemies and allowing successful retreats or surprise attacks. It is recommended to fire in bursts when attacking enemies to defeat them in a single shot or to make their ship lose control. While boasting a very high shield capacity as well as extreme energy regeneration and cap, its massive size and slow turning speed often make it susceptible to surprise attacks from the rear, as well as vulnerable to any speedsters in a one-on-one situation, even though the ship's hitbox does not cover the entire model. It is highly advised that users of the U-Wall never fight alone, and instead provide fire support in groups on offense or defense. One can utilize the help of healers, tanking for them and mowing down the enemy, while the healers ensure that it never dies. Despite having the third-highest mass in the entire mod, this ship remains vulnerable to attacks from the U-Smasher, and a direct hit into an asteroid field will spell instant death if the gem storage has been left unfilled. Overall, this ship is a major threat on the battlefield when used correctly in groups, and is able to deal heavy damage to multiple segments of an enemy base at once. Don't get cocky, and never fly solo.