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UCP (Unique Commander Pass) is a reward given to some of our most dedicated, and creative members in the community, both on the sub, discord, and far beyond. There is no shortage of quality work these people do, and for all the months they've put in we feel this is the least we can do in return for them. It works on something like a merit system. Users are sometimes found performing beyond amazing tasks within the community, and are picked to be rewarded by the team. Recognized members are granted the right to upload a 200x200 image which they can then use as a UCP badge which will display for anyone who joins them in game. The badge can be changed as many times as desired, but all badges are handed directly to the devs; UCP holders can not direct upload." Acarii on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/comments/7ov4wz)

The first UCP was awarded to the Youtuber X-27 because of how many people wanted to impersonate him. Now there are over 20 UCP Holders in the Starblast community.

Dimed's UCP

Starblast UCPP.png

X-27's UCP with unique skin

STarblast UCP 2.PNG

Double K's UCP

Starblast ucp 6.PNG

Finalizer's UCP

Starblast ucp 3.PNG

Goldman's UCP

Starblast ucp 9.png

Uranus's UCP

Starblast ucp 10.png

Morty Rules's UCP

Starblast ucp 8.PNG

Carmé's UCP


Pudding's UCP

Starblast Ucp 7.PNG

Nova's UCP

Starblast ucp 12.PNG

X-Commander's UCP


Iridium Ore's UCP

Starblast ucp 13.PNG

Kleinem's UCP

Starblast ucp 14.PNG

Mattamore's UCP

Starblast ucp15.png


Starblast ucp 16.png

Acarii's UCP

Starblast ucp 17.png

Scarn's UCP

Starblast ucp 18.PNG

ΛꝚC_5470P3_'s UCP

Starblast ucp 19.PNG

Dank Dmitron's UCP

Starblast blackstar.png

Paralx's UCP

Starblast ucp.png

Pell's UCP

Pells Boring Heart.png

Oh_'s UCP

Oh's UCP.jpg

All Devs have this UCP


Ancient Sky's UCP


Andromeda's UCP


Loveship's UCP

Loveship's UCP.PNG

Tournebulle's UCP


Nothuman also has an UCP, a image has yet to be found.